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Since 1985 Outdoor Excursions has specialized in providing quality kayak instruction and kayak trips, both in whitewater kayaking and touring kayaking in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas.  Kayaking is a popular sport for all ages and requires no previous experience.  Several of our Kayaking Tours this year are focused around the sites of Washington D.C.. Experienced kayak instructors and guides have shown clients the thrill of whitewater kayaking, the beauty of nature and the satisfaction of acquiring new skills.  We maintain a low student/teacher ratio which enhances student progression and each class is taught by a qualified paddler certified by the American Canoe Association.  This creates a learning environment that is systematic, easy to follow and fun.  Locations for kayak training vary by class but may be held at the Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay or at an area pool.  Kayak Instructor Certification and River Rescue Courses are also offered.


Whitewater Rafting - Canoe & Kayak Rental and Sale

In addition to kayaking, Outdoor Excursions also offers Whitewater Rafting trips on the Potomac River at Great Falls Virginia and Maryland.  An experienced guide accompanies each raft and it is great fun for the whole family. If you are planning a weekend or day-trip, our Outdoor Center on Antietam Creek is open in the spring for Canoe, Sit on top Whitewater Kayak and Fishing Kayak rental.  The equipment is for use on Antietam Creek only, shuttle is included and overnight camping on the creek is also offered.  If you are looking for used or new equipment to purchase; kayaks, rafts & canoes are sometimes offered for sale on our website.


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